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    Apple secures rights to MLB games, furthering channel fragmentation

    With “Friday Night Baseball”, Apple is expanding into sports streaming. For fans, the ongoing channel fragmentation could be both good and bad news.

    Apple has secured exclusive rights to selected Major League Baseball (MLB) games. As a result, the Apple TV Plus streaming service will broadcast two baseball games live on Friday nights. "Friday Night Baseball" will be free for a limited time and is expected to launch with the start of the MLB season in April. Unlike other U.S. streaming providers such as Disney or Netflix, Apple is thus expanding into the field of sports streaming.

    Sports leagues such as the MLB are increasingly dividing their rights into small pieces, scattering them across a range of channels to reach the widest possible audience. On the one hand, this fragmentation of sports broadcasting is inconvenient for users because they need multiple subscriptions from an increasing number of streaming services. This concerns fans who primarily are interested in watching the games of their favorite team. On the other hand, this development is indicative of the unbundling of sports coverage from conventional, large pay-TV packages. In the process, users are empowered to pay on-demand only for content they in fact consume.

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