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new sport

Empowering 21st Century Society

About The Study

At Infront, we are privileged to witness the developments in sports daily. As a leading player, we are shaping our industry, which is why we have partnered with the Swiss think tank Web for Interdisciplinary Research & Expertise (W.I.R.E.) to produce a forward-looking study on the future of sport: "Brave New Sport - Empowering 21st Century Society".

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How can we shape the future of sports?

Sport has always played a major role in society and the importance of playful competition has been integral to humanity’s cultural evolution. How can it grow its role as a catalyst for technology, business, health and geopolitics?

Predictions and Bold Scenarios

Considering the changing sports landscape, rapid scientific progress, and changing media consumer behaviour, the future of sport needs to be imagined more broadly. Brave New Sport outlines nine predictions that connect the most relevant shifts and discusses the implications at both an individual and societal level. Each prediction is complemented by a bold and visionary scenario to stimulate discussion regarding the desirability of underlying developments and tries to answer what the future of sports looks like.

Join the conversation about the future of sport and shape a new vision with us.