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    Brave New Sport Ski Sensors

    Ski sensors enable data-driven performance analysis

    SKEO enables data-driven performance analysis for skiing professionals or recreational skiers to improve one’s ski technique faster.

    Former ski world champion Bode Miller and the company Snowcookie Sports are launching an upgraded version of their product SKEO. SKEO is a sensor system developed and produced in Switzerland that records and evaluates the movements of skiers. For this purpose, a total of three sensors are attached to both skis and the chest. The GPS-based system collects and analyzes data on factors such as the endurance, quality of turns, or body position of the skier. The evaluation is displayed and documented in an app.

    Snowcookie Sports is one of various companies bringing tools to market that enable data-driven ski training. Such systems allow professional skiers to quantify their performance and, in doing so, more systematically track and achieve progress over time. Skiing coaches benefit by gaining access to additional athlete performance insights. In addition, with a one-time cost of $449 for a complete sensor package, SKEO is also affordable for ambitious recreational skiers. It must be said that it is unrealistic for amateurs to deal with the more than 100 performance parameters measured in-depth. Nevertheless, such tools can contribute to making data-based sports training more accessible to a broader mass.

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