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    Bundesliga app enables unfragmented, interactive broadcasts

    A new app by the Deutsche Fussball Liga (DFL) allows broadcasters to create a more interactive and personalised product for fans.

    As discussed in our last panel, sports fans are having to deal with an increasingly fragmented broadcasting landscape. However, the consumption habits of fans themselves are, in part, contributing to their own viewing experience being divided between a variety of apps, websites, and other platforms.

    Younger users are engaging with live sports in several simultaneous ways from actual broadcasts to fantasy or betting apps, discussions on social media or live information feeds on statistics. In doing so, they either use multiple screens or find themselves having to switch between different windows on one device.

    To address this issue, the Deutsche Fussball Liga (DFL) have developed the Bundesliga Interactive Feed, an app combining various functions such as watching up to five matches at once, on-demand replay highlights, and advanced match statistics. In addition, fans can customise screen-on-screen pop-ups for in-game incidents like goals or free-kicks and consume automatically produced highlight clips of selected players. To launch their new app, DFL has started to partner with international media partners in Japan and Hong Kong.

    Apps such as the Bundesliga Interactive Feed are allowing broadcasters to offer viewers a localised and personalised product, providing users with more interactivity without further fragmenting their viewing experience. An unanswered yet interesting question is whether viewers are immersed in the broadcast and emotionally invested in sports events when they are able to further distract themselves during the game.

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