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    Living healthy: How can sport influence societal policy and decision making to create physically healthier populations?

    This is the third in a series of deep dives around Brave New Sport and focusses on

    sport’s influence on different stakeholders with the biggest positive impact on society.


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    What to expect?

    Has sport previously acted as a catalyst to improve the physical health of society? Have governments properly leveraged sport? Should we expect them to? What other areas of government could sport have a surprising impact on and who are the stakeholders that could have the biggest impact on the community in the next decade? This third panel hopes to offer insights from a broad range of experts.

    • A brief look at the recent past whether sport has previously positively impacted society’s health
    • A look at the immediate future and potential methods to bridge class gaps
    • A glimpse at the far-reaching future where we’ll discuss potential areas of government & stakeholders regarding surprising impacts on the physical health of society


    Dr. Stephan Sigrist

    Founder & Director of the think tank W.I.R.E.


    David Burney

    Academic Director of the Urban Placemaking and Management MS program at the Pratt Institute School of Architecture


    Anja Luethi


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