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    Brave New Sport Automated Video Broadcast

    Automated video broadcasting becomes accessible for amateurs

    An autonomous camera enables the streaming of amateur sports on a corresponding platform, demonstrating sports tech’s increasing accessibility.

    Sports tech, and especially broadcasting technology, is becoming accessible to grassroots organizations. A technological driver behind this development is found in the relatively recent maturity of certain artificial intelligence (AI) applications. AI increasingly enables automated processes such as self-operating cameras or the unsupervised machine-based production of video content.

    This democratization of automated video broadcasting is embodied by Staige, a German startup offering an AI-powered camera that autonomously records sports footage and live streaming on the corresponding internet platform While it is primarily used by grassroots organizations across a variety of sports such as football, ice hockey, or horseback riding, professional clubs such as Borussia Dortmund or Bayern München, too, are making use of Staige’s camera and streaming system. An advanced version of the product offers further functions for coaches and for organizations wanting to integrate sponsorship in their live and on-demand streams.

    For amateur organizations, on the one hand, the technological progress driving down the cost of video broadcasting could lead to improved marketing opportunities and professionalized coaching. On the other hand, filming and broadcasting youth sport events may be perceived by some as problematic in terms of privacy and data protection. Even though Staige claims to comply with all relevant laws, for the provider and purchasers of the system it will be important to gain athletes’ and their parents’ trust by communicating how the stored footage is secured.

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