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    AI-powered athlete bodycams enable automated content creation

    An AI- and cloud-powered bodycam system offered by an Israelian startup automatically generates spectacular first-person video clips.

    Short, action-packed videos are increasingly important for sports leagues’ ability to grab the attention of media consumers. Moreover, rightsholders and broadcasters are looking for new ways of immersing their audiences in the transmitted sport events. Mindfly, a Tel Aviv-based startup, seeks to enable these next-level standards in sports content production and broadcasting with the help of wearable, ultralight, and invisible cameras to be worn by pro-athletes.

    The bodycam is embedded into a vest and captures the perspective of players in wide-angle mode. An interplay between AI-algorithms embedded in the cameras and a connected cloud platform powers an automated editing process of the recorded material, resulting in ready-to-broadcast and -publish video clips.

    Mindfly’s system enables near real-time content creation and publication. Following tests with several teams, the company has signed an agreement with EuroLeague, the top tier basketball league in Europe. In a first step, up to three players per match will be wearing the bodycam vest, generating video content from key game moments. The company is also negotiating with football leagues and major broadcasters in Europe and the US.

    According to Mindfly, the first-person video footage capturing and editing system could soon also broadcast full games, even though it is not clear yet whether the system is already robust enough to meet the requirements of live broadcasts. In any case, Mindfly’s solution demonstrates how ever-smaller recording devices coupled with market-ready AI are available in the present already. In the future, they are likely to be indispensable tools for sports broadcasters.

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