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    NZZ dives into the future

    “Will doping be legal? Will Silicon Valley billionaires take over football?”

    A recent NZZamSonntag article focussed on bringing Brave New Sport to a fresh audience led on some of the biggest and most controversial ideas shared in the book. Contributors including W.I.R.E. co-founder and head Stephan Sigrist as well as Infront CEO and president Philippe Blatter discussed their insights on the scenarios outlined.

    One of the most interesting aspects of the article was the difference of opinions on topics such as human enhancement, highlighting how the whole study is designed to stimulate discussion.

    “Even Infront boss Blatter feels uncomfortable in the face of this outline. He makes a point of only providing a basis for discussion: "Technical and medical optimisations are already part of everyday life, which is why we urgently need an ethical debate about rules and limits. Personally, I am strictly opposed to doping competitions. I have teenage children and wouldn't even want to imagine such things."

    Sigrist's stance is less categorical. He points out that even non-athletes resort to medication in order to perform better in everyday life; moreover, despite all efforts, doping has never disappeared from sport. The trend researcher asks: "Why shouldn't something that happens anyway be done in a controlled setting to see: What is possible, how far do you go?"”

    You can read the full article in German here.

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