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Superclub Ecosystems

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Our Prediction

While the biggest sports will continue their relentless growth, less-followed sports will expand their hardcore audiences too. Leagues, tournaments, clubs, and brands associated with the ten biggest global sports will exert a near-governmental influence, and sports organizations will spread into other sectors such as health, mobility, finance, and travel. The risk is that a club’s character, culture, and charm will be sacrificed for an even more commercialized manifestation of games while niche sports will increase their appeal through digital channels...

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The Bold Scenario

This scenario outlines the emergence of a new soccer superpower in a homogenized market with clubs creating standardized offerings to appeal globally. Its owners devise an ecosystem of products to solve the world’s most complex problems, launching subsidiaries in public health & digital financial services, and piloting a hyperloop shuttle. However, after uncovering the biggest corporate criminal conspiracy in history, the club would be liquidated to reimburse everyone who had suffered financially from its illegal activities...


05 Dec 09:00 AM

NZZ dives into the future

A recent NZZamSonntag article focussed on bringing Brave New Sport to a fresh audience led on some of the biggest and most controversial ideas shared in the book.

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