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Tokenized Gig Sport Events

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Our Prediction

We are already at a tipping point in sport where a significant number of athletes have turned their hand to products, services and content creation. As the blockchain re-structures the web as we know it, athletes will leverage distributed ledger technology (DLT) to create new streams of wealth for themselves. Meanwhile, the lurching structures of the old sports industry — clubs, broadcasters, traditional centres of power and influence — will look on in bewilderment as their own influence fades. This will unfold with the arrival of new means of crowd funding and tokenization...

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The Bold Scenario

This scenario outlines the future ExFit World Championship, a fitness competition attracting global interest that sparked a new means for athletes to market and monetize themselves by also using tokens in a dynamic new digital marketplace. A new cohort of highly driven, entrepreneurial athletes emerged from this ecosystem, but many also fell victim to hype cycles, burnout, media confusion and high stress...


05 Dec 09:00 AM

NZZ dives into the future

A recent NZZamSonntag article focussed on bringing Brave New Sport to a fresh audience led on some of the biggest and most controversial ideas shared in the book.

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