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Immersive Public Viewing

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Our Prediction

Sports events will face as-yet-recognised post-pandemic obstacles, becoming hostage to new ecological, economic, social, and public health considerations. The notion of millions of international travellers flocking to a single city will become unthinkable. It will cost more to attend events and new media formats will make viewing sport more engaging and thrilling to watch in remote settings. These new subscription and pay-per-view services that use AR, VR, or hologram images will provide revenue streams via subscription and pay-per-view services...

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The Bold Scenario

This scenario outlines a future major tennis tournament taking an audacious leap forward in broadcasting, with technologists labelling it a key milestone in the arrival of the post-screen era. An immersive new way of watching sports is rolled out with a hologram drone enabling people to beam in live on-court action into 4D scenarios, providing the equivalent experience for the masses without the financial clout needed to attend in-person...


05 Dec 09:00 AM

NZZ dives into the future

A recent NZZamSonntag article focussed on bringing Brave New Sport to a fresh audience led on some of the biggest and most controversial ideas shared in the book.

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