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Autonomous Robotic Competitions 16x9

Autonomous Robotic Competitions

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Our Prediction

Esports has been one of the fastest-growing industries in the last decade and is expected to double its fanbase in the space of six years, reaching 646 million spectators by 2023. This bold new market will come of age and the games themselves will evolve. AI will become a more central component in esports and engineers, programmers –even machines themselves – will become the preeminent sports celebrities...

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The Bold Scenario

Is the future in the hands of coders? This scenario outlines a future annual championship which sees teams of technicians – financed by big tech companies – use their skills in creating smarter software and predictive AI to create fighting robots that can be adapted to changing scenarios. Taking place inside an arena specifically designed for this clash of brains and brawn, the competition blurs the lines between sport, technology and entertainment...


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