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Worldwide Algorithmic Scouting

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Our Prediction

AI is enabling humanity to determine meaning from large data sets and sport has only just scratched the surface. Data analysis will be the basis to level the playing field in professional sport, enabling coaches to make game-winning decisions. The future management of sport will continue to be conducted by analysts who bring experience and intuition. They will just be complement by their use of AI and big data to win matches...

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The Bold Scenario

This scenario outlines how one of the most inventive talent scouts of the future used an ecosystem of connected hockey equipment that provides a “God’s eye view” of amateur and professional hockey performance in real time to globally anticipate the emergence of promising players. Using anticipatory technology, he’s able to lay the foundation for an ice hockey dynasty that would recast the team as a major force in the sport for generations to come...


05 Dec 09:00 AM

NZZ dives into the future

A recent NZZamSonntag article focussed on bringing Brave New Sport to a fresh audience led on some of the biggest and most controversial ideas shared in the book.

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