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    Empowering 21st Century Society


    How can we shape the future of sports?

    Sport has always played a major role in society and the importance of playful competition has been integral to humanity’s cultural evolution. How can it grow its role as a catalyst for technology, business, health and geopolitics?

    About us

    At Infront, we are privileged to witness the developments in sports daily. As a leading player, we are shaping our industry, which is why we have partnered with the Swiss think tank Web for Interdisciplinary Research & Expertise (W.I.R.E.) to produce a forward-looking study on the future of sport: "Brave New Sport - Empowering 21st Century Society".

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    Predictions and bold scenarios

    Join the conversation about the future of sport and shape a new vision with us. Coming soon.

    Autonomous Robotic Competitions